“They have a passion for helping, plain and simple.”

Majorie V.

“Knowledgeable, professional, and all services are done in a timely and considerate manner. And – they will spend time explaining the legal jargon in everyday language”“Knowledgeable, professional, and all services are done in a timely and considerate manner. And – they will spend time explaining the legal jargon in everyday language”

Hugh A.

“Elville and Associates have been outstanding! They have handled estate planning, special needs issues and a complex process involving Social Security disability. The Client Care program is very beneficial leaving us with the feeling that we have a partner not simply an attorney.”

Bob S.

“Steve Elville and his organization are top drawer. We have great respect for their expertise and we have come to value their friendship. We really have enjoyed the educational experiences we have received as Client Care participants.”

Hugh A.

“I find working with Elville and Associates to be a wonderful experience. First of all, the people I encounter are uniformly friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Steve himself is terrific. It is clear that, like his charity work, he puts the client’s interests first. His focus is not on structuring a one-size-fits-all plan but instead he works to tailor each client’s plan to meet their needs and financial resources. He, like his staff, of course, is friendly, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable. I value the relationship I have built with him.”

Michael A.

“We are very satisfied with the guidance that Elville and Associates provided us and hope to continue our relationship with them in the future. Thank you!”

Ted W.

“Elville and Associates educated and guided me through the confusion of retirement and estate planning.I am confident that my personalized plan along with their commitment to embrace and educate the latest legal and sociology-economic changes will keep my plan the best available anywhere! “

Mark H.

I was referred to Meghan McCulloch by another attorney.  I had been involved in a car accident in 2016, and it was becoming increasingly obvious that I was not improving to a pre-accident level of function.  I met with Meghan to fill out the initial paperwork, and for me, it was an amazing experience to have someone not question my limitations.

I was very fortunate to be able to reach Meghan when necessary.  I know how busy she was, both at work and at home.  The car accident case, and the resulting disability, stretched on or *years*, and throughout this process, Meghan was supportive and helpful.  She empathized with the difficulties in obtaining some of the medical records.  This case was a mammoth undertaking that involved thousands of pages of medical records, insurance forms, doctors’ reports, radiology scans, and receipts.  Meghan was also willing and able to coordinate with the lawyer handling the car accident case.

Meghan was very clear on “next steps” and what to expect. Not only did Social Security have a significant backlog, but after the global pandemic led to a shutdown, it seemed like everything would be on hold indefinitely.  But, Social Security made a miraculous decision to workshare with field offices, and we were able to arrange for a phone hearing with the administrative judge.  Meghan referenced minute details from my medical records to hit home the severity of my limitations.  Her negotiating skills garnered full approval with substantial backpay, monthly payments and auxiliary benefits for my children.  This settlement enabled me to pay off debt, stock emergency savings, and to pay school tuition.

Without Meghan’s fierce advocating on my behalf, impeccable preparation and guidance, this case would have gone awry. “

Faith H.

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