Elville Self-Direct Protect

Elville Self-Direct Protect is a low-cost, step-by-step expedited estate planning process for couples and individuals with more limited means. It provides:

  • 1) the Last Will and Testament, Financial Powers of Attorney, and Advance Medical Directives they need;
  • 2) the client legal educational component they need the majority of Americans never receive;
  • 3) the attorney assistance, counseling, and legal-technical knowledge they need;
  • 4) the Elville and Associates’ “Caring for Clients” educational model they desire; and
  • 5) the on-going contact they need, along with the opportunity for continuing client legal education; all in a quick, efficient, and convenient 3-1/2 hour commitment from client(s).The purpose of Ellvile Self-Direct Protect is:
  • To set the stage for a lifetime of continuous maintenance and updating, including asset alignment, in estate and elder law planning;
  • To set the stage for a lifetime of continuous client legal education for themselves, along with children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and other beneficiaries;
  • To encourage and set the stage for clients’ use of and access to the planning advisory team – estate planning attorney, CPA, and financial advisor.
  • To give clients a choice in directing their own estate planning, without sacrificing the personal, professional, and educational components of good planning.

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