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Estate and Trust Administration at Elville & Associates

Estate and Trust Administration is arguably the most important aspect of our work at Elville Associates as it represents the final phase of the client’s estate planning. It is at this final administration stage of the estate or elder law plan that assets are distributed in the manner chosen by the client – grandchildren’s education trusts are funded, children’s assets protection trusts (Legacy Trusts) are funded, surviving spouses are provided for, special needs children receive their shares in the proper fashion, estate tax elections are made, and much more. Because of the importance of proper estate and trust administration, it is critical not to “go it alone,” and even more importantly, not to ignore the passage of time, as many critical dates and related actions are required after death.

The attorneys at Elville Associates are experienced in the administration of estates and trusts, and in interacting with your family after the time of your death. Because of our lifetime commitment to our clients and our transparent firm succession plan, Elville & Associates is committed to efficiency and comprehensiveness in the Administration process. As part of that process, your survivors will always be counseled about their own estate plans, including all choices available to them concerning the exercise of powers of appointment. If you have questions or concerns about an estate or trust that needs to be administered, or about an on-going administration matter, our attorneys can provide answers to your questions and will be glad to consult with you.

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