Tax Controversy

A Wealth of Expertise and Experience

Chuck Borek, who leads our tax controversy practice, has been practicing before the IRS and in federal and state courts for almost three decades. He has been a licensed Certified Public Accountant for the same period of time and in the past led the tax department of a Washington, D.C. area accounting firm. Chuck has represented individuals and businesses in both federal and state tax matters and is recognized as a subject matter expert by several nationally recognized continuing education providers.

Why Tax Controversies Arise

The law imposes taxation on a variety of items – income, property, and sales, to name but a few. Tax law is one of the most complex areas of compliance, and one that touches every business and every adult. Due to this complexity, taxpayers sometimes fail to meet compliance requirements, resulting in unanticipated tax liabilities. In other situations, tax authorities may disagree with taxpayer positions and propose assessment of an additional tax liability. Sometimes these additional liabilities arise from the actions of a spouse with whom you filed a joint return. Whenever any of these things happen, the taxpayer is confronted with a mesmerizing patchwork of statutes, regulations, rulings, and procedures that can intimidate even the most diligent among us. The attorneys at Elville and Associates are ready to represent you in tax controversies so that you are not left to navigate these troubled waters yourself. We will deal with the IRS or other taxing authorities on your behalf, counsel you as to the options available, and guide the matter to a resolution.

What to Expect

Most tax controversies revolve around a specific set of facts, so your attorney at Elville and Associates will begin by gathering all the relevant facts from you or from other sources where necessary. Upon retaining us, we will notify the appropriate tax authorities that you are represented by us, so any direct contact with you from the IRS or other tax authority will cease. Most cases present several opportunities for resolution; we will identify these options for you and counsel you as to the pros and cons of each alternative. Once an action plan is agreed upon, we will pursue that plan to a final resolution of the matter.

Types of Services Offered

  • Representation in federal and state courts
  • Audit representation (income, sales, and other tax audits)
  • Property tax appeals
  • Installment agreements
  • Offers-in-compromise
  • Innocent Spouse relief
  • Collections Due Process Hearings

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