Elville and Associates’ Client Care Program

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Elville and Associates is the only law firm in Maryland and one of only 75 law firms in the country to have a Client Care Program accredited by the Client Care Academy in Boston. The mission of our Client Care Program is to provide our clients with assurance that their estate and elder law plans will work no matter how their goals and situations may change, and to ensure planning remains consistent with changes in the laws.

After engaging with you to build your estate plan, the attorneys and staff at Elville and Associates will continue to update it with you by tracking changes in the law, your family, and your assets. We have ongoing communication with you on a yearly membership fee basis. During unsettling times like these, our clients take care of their families by using us as a resource and counselor as we are always here to serve your needs, address concerns and questions, and take action in real-time to help ensure your families and you are cared for.  Elville and Associates’ Client Care Program is “planning that works” as intended and serves to avoid plan failure when your estate plan is needed to serve its purpose.  

There are many, many benefits that come with the CCP, which are described below:  

Access to Attorneys and Staff
The members of our team will be available to answer your questions whether by telephone or email whenever and as often as you would like. CCP members are also provided two hours of attorney meeting time each year.

Client Education Services
Our Client Care Program will provide regular continuing legal educational workshops for our members, their families, successor trustees, and planning team. The topics of such workshops will include recent changes to the trust and estate tax laws, what successor trustees should do if you become disabled and when you die, end-of-year planning, how to maximize your Social Security benefits, and many more. Each fall we will also invite you to our Annual Client Education Event.

Document Updates
We will review your estate plan whenever you reasonably request, and at least every two years, and we will update your plan as the laws change when your personal situation or goals change, and as the nature and value of your assets change. This will ensure that your estate plan will always remain up-to-date.

Asset Review, Tracking and Updating
We will provide regular reviews of your asset funding, and will also provide regular funding updating to ensure that your trust is fully funded and will work as it was intended.

Family Heritage Video
Members are encouraged to participate in their own archival family video production at the Elville Creative Studio. They may express themselves and share whatever they want future generations to remember -- their wishes for family, values important to them, old stories they want to pass down for generations to come, and much more. There are no limits and the creative possibilities are endless.

Family – Advisor Meeting
Within sixty (60) days after your estate plan is completed (or as soon thereafter as you can arrange for all of your family to participate), we will provide you the opportunity to have a family – advisor meeting, to include members of Elville and Associates, your family members, and your financial and professional advisors, who will implement your plan so we can answer any of their questions, explain how your plan works, and explain how to settle your plan upon your passing.

Coordination with Advisors
Our staff will be available to consult with your financial advisors, accountants, insurance professionals, Aging LifeCare Managers, and others in your “planning team.” They will also provide copies of your documents should you so request. 

MIDEO (™) Consultation and Card
In the first-of-its-kind partnership in the country, Elville and Associates and The Institute on Healthcare Directives have partnered to offer MIDEO® (My Informed Decisions on VidEO) to our members. MIDEO® is a personalized card with your critical healthcare information on the front that also hosts by video, accessible by a QR code scan, your prerecorded wishes for resuscitation and other healthcare choices. By providing an accurate, up-to-date, easy to review video of you speaking, your personal MIDEO® card will accurately allow your wishes and choices to be carried out correctly by medical professionals. For more information about MIDEO® and The Institute on Healthcare Directives, please contact Community Relations Director Jeff Stauffer, visit www.institutehcd.com or contact Ms. Brandi Monroe, Client Relations Manager at the Institute at monroe@institutehcd.com.

Additional Participation Benefits
We will provide free notary public services as and when needed and will provide copies of your estate planning documents to your advisors and others upon your request. You will be enrolled in a health care document retrieval service called DocuBank which provides 24-7 access to your medical records and other documents. You will also have the option of enrolling in Everplans, a state-of-the-art, secure digital archive for all of your essential information (everything your loved ones will need should something happen to you).