Lindsay V.R. Moss, Esq., Becomes Partner at Elville and Associates, P.C.

In February, Elville and Associates’ Principal Stephen R. Elville promoted Lindsay V.R. Moss to Partner.

Ms. Moss joined Elville and Associates in 2013 as an Associate Attorney. After professional development, Ms. Moss now leads the firm’s Elder Law division. She regularly assists clients in crisis situations, and works with families to facilitate the best possible eldercare solutions for their loved ones.
“My promotion to Partner means a lot to me,” said Ms. Moss. “It recognizes the work and commitment I have given the Firm for the past five years, and also the elderly and disabled population for whom I have zealously advocated for my entire career. Being named a Partner gives me the opportunity to have a stronger and more powerful voice for my clients.”

“Over many years at Elville and Associates, Lindsay has displayed a devotion to our Mission and Vision, conveyed a strong drive and tenacity, and a never-ending desire to improve and to advocate for clients,” remarked Mr. Elville. “This journey has led Lindsay to become a speaker at several National Business Institute and other workshops, to be published in the Maryland Bar Journal, and to become a highly-effective advocate for persons with disabilities. Lindsay has displayed a flexibility and willingness to do what is required of a Partner, including being a leading County Coordinator for Law Day Maryland, and a participant in other community outreach projects.”

Ms. Moss came to Elville and Associates from a diverse background that has molded her into the attorney of many abilities she is today. After graduating from Towson University in 2000 Magna Cum Laude and earning her law degree from the University of Baltimore School of Law in 2006, she passed the Maryland Bar and began her legal career as an associate with a Columbia-based law firm concentrating primarily in family law matters. As an associate at that firm, she developed a passion for advocacy – helping people in need, and actively working with the elderly and disabled.

While Ms. Moss found her passion at the family law firm, she did not see herself practicing family law long-term. In 2008 she learned of an intriguing opening for a Director of the Adult Medical Daycare Center in Annapolis. She interviewed for the position and immediately accepted its offer.
“The people at the Center had so many stories to share and needed advocates, and I love being an advocate for people,” said Ms. Moss. “So many of them did not have family or people that paid attention to them so it was rewarding on many levels. I decided very quickly that the elderly and disabled population was one I wanted to dedicate my career to.”

As Director of the Adult Medical Daycare Center, Ms. Moss developed a vast knowledge of the complexities of various Federal and State programs, as well as benefits offered through the Veterans Administration. It was during that time her interest in practicing law was reignited, as she realized she could put her law degree to use as an elder law attorney, which involves advocating for the elderly and disabled population for whom she cares so much.
The knowledge and experiences Ms. Moss gained throughout the years has matured her into the Partner she is today. She values the way the firm challenges her on a daily basis to grow as an attorney and appreciates the firm’s commitment to its employees, client care and strong client relationships.
“The firm challenges me to be the best attorney and advocate for my clients that I can be, and is committed to my continued education,” said Ms. Moss. “No matter a person’s position within the firm, everyone is working towards a shared commitment of building client relationships, offering educational seminars for the communities we serve, and making sure our clients feel they are important, and that we are always here for them.”
Ms. Moss also has an Advanced Certification in Mediation. She is also a Certified Dementia Practitioner (NCCDP) and is certified in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care (HFAM/MAADS). She is a member of the Women’s Law Center of Maryland and is one of the founders of Students Supporting the Women’s Law Center. Ms. Moss also serves on the Board of Directors for the Maryland Association of Adult Daycare Services.