Estate Planning Team to Attend Client Maintenance Academy in Boston May 5th and 6th

By:  Jeffrey D. Stauffer

– Community Relations Director,

Because the estate planning team at Elville and Associates strives to continue to be on the leading edge of maintenance and updating to ensure planning works as intended, the entire planning team will be attending the Client Maintenance Academy in Wakefield, Massachusetts on May 5th & 6th.

By attending this unique program, Elville and Associates will be assured to have the very best maintenance and updating program available in the country for its clients — and be one of 41 estate planning law firms in the country accredited with these services and knowledge.

Any client or planning team partner who has worked with Elville and Associates knows that the firm approaches estate planning as more than just a simple one-time transaction. At Elville and Associates, we consider this one-time transaction approach to planning the “traditional estate planning” approach – which generally leads to plan failure. In this process, attorneys tend to treat estate planning simply as the set of documents – with no maintenance or updating. In other words, the documents ARE the client’s estate plan. Most firms approach planning in this manner, and we simply have a different approach to how planning should be done for the benefit of our clients and their families.

Elville and Associates approaches planning as a three-step process: the design and implementation of the plan, continual maintenance and updating through the years, and final administration. This “Legacy Planning” and “Caring for Clients” model incorporates the three phases of planning and maintains a strong emphasis on education from the first meeting through the life of the plan, including the all-important continual maintenance and updating the plan will require to ensure the plan will work as intended when necessary.

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