Estate Planning and the Rewards of Peace of Mind, Clarity and Certainty

By: Stephen R. Elville, J.D., LL.M. – President and Principal Attorney of Elville and Associates, P.C.

The process of estate planning is confusing and ambiguous for some people, and a real obstacle for others. No one really enjoys sitting down and discussing end-of-life issues or incapacity issues, let alone the sharing of personal information with a stranger, not to mention the mystery of the actual process of going to an attorney‘s office. So let’s get something out of the way right up front. Discussing your estate and in capacity planning is not fun. But it can be rewarding.

The first step in the process is to understand that there is nothing to fear, and one benefit of engaging in a comprehensive estate planning process is the peace of mind, clarity, and certainty that results. Now, during these challenging days, the issue of process in estate planning has taken on a new meaning and dynamic. Many couples and individuals simply want to implement their estate plans as soon as possible.

To address this concern, Elville and Associates is responding by emphasizing its self-directed programs for wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and advance medical directives – the same dual-track planning approach that has benefited our clients for the past 10 years. In short, this is what it is: for persons who wish to implement an expedited estate plan – to put wills and trusts and incapacity planning documents in place as soon as possible, our estate planning and elder law departments will initiate the drafting and implementation of estate planning documents on an expedited basis, utilizing all available tools and technology. This kind of planning can be viewed as interim or stop-gap measure planning, and for some people this will represent their complete planning package.

Beyond this, the second track of the self-directed approach is the continuation of client education and knowledge. Once the interim plan is executed and immediate concerns have been addressed, the important educational process for clients can continue until completion. In many cases this will include the re-execution of certain documents that address a broader, more comprehensive plan that then replaces the initial temporary plan. In summary, do not be apprehensive or fearful of the estate planning process. Instead, embrace the process and envision the peace of mind that comes from comprehensive planning that is education based. Elville and Associates is committed to meeting the estate planning needs of couples and individuals during this time of crisis and beyond through the use of its leading-edge legal-technical knowledge, technological resources, and client education-based platform.

Stephen R. Elville is the principal and lead attorney of Elville & Associates, P.C., a leading estate planning, elder law, and special needs planning law firm in Maryland. Elville and Associates engages clients in a multi-step educational process to ensure that estate, elder law, and special needs planning works from inception, throughout lifetime, and at death. Clients are encouraged to take advantage of the Planning Team Concept for leading-edge, customized planning. The education of clients and their families through counseling and superior legal-technical knowledge is the practical mission of Elville and Associates. If you would like to set an appointment with Mr. Elville to discuss estate or elder law planning issues, you may contact him at 443-393-7696, or via email at

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