Webinar – Understanding the Uses and Purposes of Irrevocable Trusts in 2023

Irrevocable trusts are often misunderstood. Despite all the constant talk about their uses and applications, few clients, financial advisors, CPAs, and other professionals really understand the potential power and application of these estate planning, asset protection planning, tax planning, special needs planning, elder care planning, and charitable planning tools. And along these lines there are usually many unanswered questions such as when should irrevocable trusts be used?; what do irrevocable trusts really do and how do they function?; what are the downsides of irrevocable trusts?; how can we be sure not to miss opportunities with irrevocable trust planning?; are irrevocable trusts really suitable for most clients?; and more.

In this interactive workshop, Managing Principal and Lead Attorney Stephen R. Elville will provide an overview of the most utilized irrevocable trusts and their potential uses and purposes in 2023. Steve will address the above-mentioned questions along with the questions of attendees. The following major topics will also be covered:

– Why should clients care about irrevocable trusts in 2023?

– What are the most known and available irrevocable trusts in 2023?

– Uses and objectives in irrevocable trust planning

– Differences between revocable and irrevocable trusts

– Taxation of irrevocable trusts – a very brief overview

– The continuing need for flexibility – new plans versus older plans

This webinar is offered in partnership with the Howard County Library System, a longtime supporter of Elville and Associates’ educational programs. To learn more about the HCLS, its edwucational programs and calendar of events, please visit https://live-howardcounty.pantheonsit… or contact Ms. Rohini Gupta, Adult Curriculum Specialist, at rohini.gupta@hclibrary.org.

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