Webinar — Supported Decision Making for Loved Ones With Disabilities Breaking Through

Supported Decision Making (SDM) involves persons with disabilities being able to make their own decisions to whatever extent they can, provided they have enough support to do so. While Maryland’s Supported Decision Making law went into effect on October 1st, SDM is now law in nearly half of the U.S. Supported Decision Making represents a huge breakthrough for persons with disabilities, as it does not take away their rights of self-determination; rather, it allows them to appoint a supported decision maker, even if they are under guardianship. In this powerful webinar presentation, Elville and Associates’ Managing Principal and Lead Attorney Stephen Elville explores Supported Decision Making and its possibilities for families and their loved ones with disabilities.

Topics for discussion include:

– Understanding Supported Decision Making (SDM) – what is it and what is its purpose?

– New Maryland SDM Legislation – effective October 1, 2022

– What is the promise of SDM in Maryland?

– What SDM is not – and what is SDM’s relationship to powers of attorney, advance medical directives, and guardianship?

– How SDM works, and how if can benefit persons living with brain injury

– A review of New Maryland Legislation – effective October 1, 2022

– A review of various SDM agreements (D.C., Delaware, Indiana, Alaska)

– Next Steps

– Questions and Answers

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