Waypoint Trust Group

Attorneys in the Waypoint Trust Group serve as Trustees/Co-Trustees of Trusts of all sizes, including Trusts with assets below corporate trustee minimum requirements, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts, and Special Needs Trusts.

Our Attorneys also serve as Trust Protectors.

In addition to serving as Trustees and Trust Protectors, Waypoint Trust Group offers the following services to individual and corporate Trustees:

  • Legal representation, including but not limited to: compliance with the Maryland Trust Act requirements
  • Court proceedings related to administering a Trust (ex. Modifications of Trust terms, judicial terminations); and guidance on interpretation of Trust terms;
  • Preparation of Trust Income Tax Returns;
  • Preparation of Trust Accountings;
  • Maintenance of Trust Books and Records;
  • Assistance with initial set-up of new Trusts (obtain Tax ID number, organize Trust management, open new Trust accounts)
  • Manage Trust Terminations, including: calculating distributions, determining Inheritance Tax due (if applicable); and preparing Releases of Liability for Trustees.

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