Understanding Estate and Trust Administration

Presented by the Elville Webinar Series and Elville and Associates’ Managing Principal and Lead Attorney Stephen Elville, this webinar delves into the situations that arise after the death of a client, client’s family member, or loved one and the trust and estate administration that takes place during that time. Helping advisors and family members understand what their roles are in helping clients and loved ones through the legal process, what that legal process is, and how advisors and other planning team members can best work together in support of clients is of paramount importance during this challenging time for all involved.

Learning Objectives:

– unraveling the mystery of what happens after the death of a client or loved one

– minimizing confusion and providing maximum support to clients and loved ones at a time of crisis

– what is the legal step-by-step process that needs to be taken after death?

– what are the practical steps that should be taken after death?

– examining the most significant and potentially problematic legal and tax issues advisors and family members should be aware of in the months following the death of a client or loved one

– how financial advisors, CPAs, and attorneys can best work together in support of clients

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