Thought of the Day 567

August 19, 2015

Although medical care is probably more fundamentally important for a person with special needs, housing is right behind it on the list of necessities.  One of the most difficult hurdles for families of children with special needs is the question of where the child will live.  Will he or she stay with his or her parents, go to college, live on their own, or move to a group home?  Will he or she be able to support themselves, need support from parents, or require subsidized housing?  Families may grapple with these tough decisions at the time a child reaches adulthood or at a later time when living at home with parents is no longer appropriate or possible. Whenever this transition occurs, it requires careful planning and extensive research about the options available in the particular community. Advance planning is important so that this vital transition does not occur under the sudden pressure of a parent’s illness or death.