Thought for the Day” #1228 – by Stephen R. Elville, J.D., LL.M.

March 13, 2019

Other than setting an initial appointment, many people want to know what the actual estate planning process is – what happens, how does it start, what am I supposed to do? In this morning’s blog, we will start the demystification process. The Estate Planning Questionnaire is the initial baseline or foundation for your estate planning. It is the real first step in the process and should be viewed as a preliminary matter to be completed prior to the initial meeting. It is your estate planning attorney’s window to your world. As your estate planning attorney receives this information in, so goes the quality of the information out that will comprise your estate plan – information in, information out. It follows that the highest quality estate plans are those where the estate planning attorney receives the most complete and accurate information in advance of the initial meeting or no later than the first stages. Therefore, a significant expenditure of time and effort to fully complete the Estate Planning Questionnaire at the beginning of the process will lead to efficiency, continuity, and the firmest foundation upon which to Begin. #elvilleeducation