“Thought for the Day” #737 – by Stephen R. Elville, J.D., LL.M.

June 9, 2016

The heat of the summer months and non-stop East Coast weather events are reminders that an emergency preparedness plan is essential, especially for elderly or disabled loved ones, friends, and neighbors.  These plans can be prepared by a geriatric care specialist or social worker.  And of course, with so many of our elderly and disabled now living in home settings, general readiness and the ability to execute the emergency preparedness plan is just as important as having the plan itself.  With the 2016 hurricane season having just begun on June 1, and The Weather Company now predicting  a total of fourteen (14) named storms, including eight (8) hurricanes, three (3) of them major hurricanes, the question to ask is this:  “Got emergency preparedness?”