The Elville Webinar Series’ Wellness Series Staying Mentally Sharp

There are strategies you can take to keep your brain always working and learning. We will cover these and steps to take if you feel your memory is slipping. Get specific tips you can apply right away to stay mentally sharp. Featuring nationally renowned speakers Ms. Ellen Platt, a certified Aging LifeCare Manager and President of The Option Group, and Dr. Michelle Fritsch, a board certified, doctoral trained health professional and founder of Retirement Wellness Strategies, this presentation is one you will not want to miss! This webinar is offered in partnership with Visiting Angels, a longtime supporter of Elville and Associates’ educational programs. To learn more about Visiting Angels, its services, educational programs and calendar of events, please visit or contact Ms. Stephanie Lawler, Homecare Consultant, at

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The education of clients and their families through counseling and superior legal-technical knowledge is the mission of Elville and Associates.  We hold multiple educational events every month. Click to view our calendar of educational webinars and events or visit the Elville and Associates YouTube channel to view recordings of our past webinars.

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