Stephen R. Elville & Elville and Associates Present: The Advisors’ Forum – The 5-Year Hybrid Trust – Quite Possibly One of the Most Powerful Tools in Estate Planning Today

What does the Hybrid 5-Year Trust have to with estate planning? Quite a lot, depending on the goals of your client. Whether clients desire a method to do pre-need (pre-crisis) elder care planning; asset preservation; gifting to children or grandchildren; preserving tax benefits, giving away assets while maintaining an element of control over them; preserving an inheritance; or protecting gifted assets from the claims of beneficiary creditors, or other related intentions, the hybrid Five-Year Trust could be a tool that allows for the attainment of client goals and intentions all the while avoiding probate.

In this interactive and intensive webinar workshop, Maryland estate planning and elder law attorney Stephen Elville will cover the fundamentals of the Hybrid 5-Year Trust and how it can be used in powerful ways to accomplish client goals and objectives, even at a time of a client’s individual incapacity.

What you will learn:

– What are moderately wealthy to middle-rich clients looking for in estate planning today?

– What are the family dynamics involved in “hybrid” estate planning in 2023?

– What is a Hybrid Five-Year Trust?

– How the types and aspects of asset protection affect clients and relate to their goals in planning

– How the Hybrid Five-Year Trust can empower the right client and help them accomplish their objectives

– Case Examples

– Questions and Answers


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