Supported Decision Making – New/Old Voices in the Market Place – What Advisors Need to Know

Supported Decision Making (SDM) is the concept that persons with disabilities can and should be able to make their own decisions provided they have adequate support to do so. Whether a person with disabilities is young or old, and even if they are under guardianship, SDM is a tool that can help that person live a more independent life and exercise their right of self- determination. SDM is currently codified into law in several states, including our neighbor state Delaware and the District of Columbia, and is also law in Indiana, Texas, Wisconsin, and Alaska. SDM will likely be passed into law in Maryland soon. When SDM is eventually passed in Maryland, persons with disabilities will have more choices available to them and will not be restricted by traditional notions of incapacity and the guardianship versus power of attorney paradigm. Financial advisors, CPAs, and other professionals will need to understand Supported Decision Making Agreements and how they differ from power of attorney documents and advance medical directives. The notion that a person with disabilities, even a person who presents with significant physical or mental limitations, has the right to make decisions in coordination with their supporter, will be the new future paradigm – one for which professionals should prepare themselves for now. In this one interactive webinar, Stephen R. Elville, J.D., LL.M. will lead a discussion designed to put advisors, CPAs, and other professional on the leading edge, enabling them to speak to a subject in the course of professional practice that is near and dear to the hearts of many clients, their families, extended relatives, and circles of influence: new recognition of the dignity and rights of persons with disabilities to make their own decisions and to take risks outside of traditional notions of protectionism, capacity versus incapacity, and adult guardianship. 1.5 continuing education hours will be available to CFPs, CPAs, and other professionals for attending this webinar. #elvilleeeducation

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