Putting It All Together – A Diagnosis to Adulthood Guide of Navigating the Disability World

Elville and Associates welcomes back guest presenter Eric Jorgensen, a Special Needs Advisor who provides a complete timeline overview of what families and the professionals they work with can expect from the original diagnosis until the child survives the parents. Eric highlights key times when specific planning items such as completing an estate plan, getting life insurance, or applying for SSI should be completed. He discusses potentially lesser-known resources such as Low Intensity Support Services and Pre-Employment Transition Services. Key takeaways include:


– Life insurance, ABLE accounts and Special Needs Trusts are critical tools, but not the plan

– Don’t wait until your child is in the last year of school to think about his or her transition

– You are not applying for benefits for you – delaying because it doesn’t seem worth the effort could be sabotaging your child



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