“Planning the HEALTH in Your Retirement” with Dr. Michelle Fritsch of Retirement Wellness Strategies

After years in academia and geriatric healthcare, Dr. Michelle Fritsch started a business in late 2018 called Retirement Wellness Strategies. The website is www.retirewellness.com. This came from years of seeing people, mostly men with high demand jobs, be ‘robbed’ of their retirement dreams due to preventable health crises. Over 25 years of healthcare expertise led to creation of 16 proprietary tools enabling clients to prevent issues with physical health through current health optimization and very proactive risk management (all in collaboration with current healthcare team), physical and social health, and health in transition from career to what comes next. The end result is a strategic plan for health in retirement.

This workshop will focus on the why and how of your retirement health strategic plan.

Avoid unnecessary costs and avoidable health decline surprises

Minimize specific health risks

Assure you’re on the right meds

Avoid an early death (where your kids get all of your hard earned money!)


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