Philanthropy Provides a Way to Bring Multiple Generations of a Family Together

June 4, 2015

By: Verena Meiser, J.D., Senior Associates

Have you ever asked your children or grandchildren which good causes they would like to promote? How does society, the environment, medical research and the World look like from their perspective? Where do they see good causes they would like to support to make a difference? Have you shared your motivations behind your philanthropic activities with your family? Do they understand why you set up a certain donor advised fund, private foundation, nonprofit organization, or included a charitable trust in your estate plan?

As your family becomes engaged in this family conversation, consider supporting some of the causes that are important to others in your family. Your financial situation may allow you to facilitate your children’s or grandchildren’s, nieces’ or nephews’ vision for philanthropic involvement in the causes meaningful to them. As everyone’s ideas evolve, and on an ongoing basis after charitable plans are put in place, you and your family can find helpful guidance from your estate planning attorney. Your estate planning attorney can help you understand the numerous types of charitable planning tools available these days, and work closely with you to help you and your family achieve your philanthropic goals.

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