Nursing Home Selection

When it is time to transfer your loved one from their home, or from a hospital or other facility to a nursing home, the attorneys at Elville & Associates can assist with this difficult and emotionally draining experience. Whether it is discharge planning from a hospital or specialty facility, a long-awaited decline that has now resulted in the need for long-term care, or a sudden crisis that requires immediate attention, we have the experience, knowledge, and resources to deal with the situation.

In collaboration with our geriatric care nurse partner and long-term care partners, we counsel, guide, advise, facilitate, and quarterback a planning team that gets the results that your family needs and that your loved one requires. Simultaneous with the selection and placement process, all available sources of payment for the extraordinary costs of long-term care are examined and implemented, including long-term care insurance, Medical Assistance, Veterans Benefits, and private pay options in conjunction with one or more asset protection strategies.

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