Integrating Your Business and Estate Plans with Chuck Borek

When you’re a business owner, estate planning must be integrated with a succession plan. Succession planning is about laying the groundwork for a smooth transition of business ownership to family members, employees, or buyers. Every transaction has tax consequences, and the tax cost of a business transfer can vary widely depending on how it is structured.

This session helps you identify the opportunities for successfully integrating your estate and business succession plans. Presented by guest speaker and attorney Charles Borek, attorney and founder of The Borek Group, LLC and Special Counsel to Elville and Associates, this webinar helps you to:

• Realize the need to integrate your estate and business succession plans

• Recognize the variety of ways available to transfer a business to family members

• Understand the use of trusts in succession planning

• Identify the advantages and disadvantages to using family limited partnerships

• Consider which ways of transferring business interests to key employees is most appropriate

• Differentiate a buy-sell agreement from a thorough succession plan

• Understand how tax consequences are impacted by the structure of your succession plan

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