Guardianship & the Alternatives — What Parents, Family Members & Advisors Need to Know

The decision to pursue guardianship – to obtain the legal authority to make decisions for another person – is one that has many intricacies to it and should not be taken lightly. There are also many alternatives to guardianship to consider as well, which is why speaking with a qualified attorney is extremely important during the decision making process and throughout the guardianship proceeding. Elville and Associates’ Managing Principal and Lead Attorney Stephen R. Elville offers this webinar presentation about “Guardianship and the Alternatives: What Parents, Family Members, and Advisors Need to Know.” Topics of discussion include: – What is guardianship? – What are the benefits and drawbacks? – What are the main questions every family should ask before making the decision to pursue guardianship? – What are some of the alternatives to guardianship?

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