“Tall” Estate Planning

By: Stephen R. Elville, J.D, LL.M., Managing Principal and Lead Attorney – Elville and Associates, P.C.

Runners are told to “run tall” to have the best technique; swimmers are instructed to “swim tall” so that they stretch out in the water for optimal performance; meditators are advised to “sit tall” for the best composure and results; actors and public speakers are trained to “be tall” in their posture, and in their thinking and imagination.  Are you “tall” in your estate planning?  Do you have a “tall” estate plan and a “tall” collaborative advisory team for your planning, or is your planning in need of physical therapy, training, and a fitness test?  Whether you are tall or less than tall physically is of no consequence – anyone can have a tall estate plan with the proper commitment, counseling, and continuing legal education, along with continued diligence and updating throughout your lifetime.  As this glorious latter part of the summer begins, consider the possibility of growing to new heights in your estate planning for planning that works, both for your lifetime and for your legacy.


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