Estate Planning for Young Families (for Young Parents)

Have you ever thought “Estate planning is for older/wealthier/more complicated people – not us.”? Plus, “We can’t afford a lawyer.”? Join Elville and Associates partner and senior estate planning attorney Olivia Holcombe-Volke for this insightful webinar discussion that will dispel myths and raise awareness about the significant importance of estate planning for young families and young parents. Topics will include: • Why these assumptions are simply not true. • The documents that are vital for anyone over the age of 18 – and why. • Concerns that are of particular importance to parents of minor children. • Even if you are married, the existence of a spouse does not preclude the need for legal documents! • No one knows when incapacity or death might occur (and, while the hope is “not until a late age,” incapacity and death do not follow any such rule). The time for estate planning is always now, because the moment in time when such planning will be necessary is entirely unknown. • Impress your friends! Be one of those adults, entirely on top of all tasks on the “adult” to-do list.

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