Estate Planning Essentials Webinar 1

Create a plan of action for protecting your family, your life savings and your legacy. Presented by Elville and Associates’ principal, senior estate planning and elder law attorney Nicole Livingston, this webinar is designed to educate you so that you can control your future, protect your hard-earned savings and have peace of mind. The presentation is offered in an easy-to-understand format that helps you learn and understand basic and intermediate essential estate planning topics.

Webinar highlights include:

• Wills and Living Trusts – Learn the advantages and disadvantages to both.

• Asset Protection – How to protect your assets and your family’s inheritance from creditors, divorce, and lawsuits.

• Long-Term Care Planning – How to pay for long-term care expenses.

• Next Spouse Protection – How to protect your assets from your surviving spouse’s next spouse.

• Probate – What is it and how to prevent it.

• Estate Taxes – What are they, and how to minimize or eliminate them.

• Medicaid and Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefits – The latest laws and how to qualify for the benefits.

• IRA Protection – How to take advantage of maximizing income tax “stretch out.”

• Special Needs – How to provide for special needs (disabled) children and grandchildren. Health Care — How the right documents can keep your family from fighting about your age-related care.

• Legacy Planning – Good planning involves more than money. Learn some powerful tools to help instill important values in younger generation family members


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