Elville and Associates Purpose Statements

Vision Statement

To become the leading estate planning, elder law and special needs planning firm in Maryland through the relentless pursuit of and adherence to the fundamental firm values of educating and counseling clients and constant recognition that the firm exists to exceed our clients’ expectations; in an environment that encourages and facilitates constant learning, improvement, and professional advancement for all employees, and where all members of the firm are respected and encouraged to utilize and develop their own unique talents and abilities.

Mission Statement

To provide practical solutions to our clients’ problems through counseling, education, and superior legal technical knowledge.

Philosophy Statement

Elville and Associates engages clients in a multi-step educational process to ensure that estate, elder law and special needs planning works from inception, throughout lifetime, and at administration. Clients are encouraged to take advantage of the Planning Team Concept for leading-edge, customized planning. The education of clients and their families through counseling and superior legal-technical knowledge is the mission of Elville and Associates.