Elville and Associates and the Institute on HealthCare Directives Partner to Offer MIDEO® to Firm’s Clients



By:  Jeffrey D. Stauffer — Community Relations Director — jeff@elvilleassociates.com, 443-393-7696, @elvilleassoc

Columbia, MD – In the first-of-its-kind partnership in the country, Elville and Associates, P.C., an estate planning, elder law, and special needs planning law firm based in Columbia, Maryland, and the Institute on Healthcare Directives have partnered to offer MIDEO® (My Informed Decision On VidEO) to the firm’s Client Care Program members.  The MIDEO® card is a personalized card with individuals’ critical healthcare information on the front that also hosts by video, accessible by a QR code scan, their prerecorded wishes for resuscitation and other healthcare choices.  By providing an accurate, up-to-date, easy to review video of the individual speaking, their personal MIDEO® will accurately allow their wishes and choices to be carried out correctly by medical professionals. 

“Elville and Associates is privileged to partner with Dr. Ferdinando Mirarchi and MIDEO® to provide our Client Care Program members with the leading-edge technical tools they need to stay ahead of the curve in healthcare decision-making,” remarked Stephen R. Elville, principal and lead attorney of Elville and Associates.  “Clients are assured and gratified to know they can implement advanced measures, remain proactive in making their health-related wishes known, and protect themselves to the greatest extent possible in an uncertain world.”

Some of the benefits of MIDEO® are:

ü MIDEO® prevents medical errors related to medical strangers misinterpreting your documents

ü MIDEO® ensures the right care at the right time

ü MIDEO® is personalized and individualized for you

ü MIDEO® is easy to complete and Dr. Mirarchi will guide you through every step

ü MIDEO® protects your family from having to make difficult, uninformed decisions that may cause family disruption

ü MIDEO® is protection for you and your family that is retrievable anywhere in the country and internationally


The Institute on Healthcare Directives and MIDEO® are spearheaded by Dr. Ferdinando Mirarchi, Chief Medical & Scientific Officer of the Institute on HealthCare Directives and the Founder of MIDEO®.  From institutehcd.com, he is “the Principal Investigator of the TRIAD (The Realistic Interpretation of Advance Directives) Research Series which has been featured by the New York Times & Wall Street Journal. His research reveals there is a new Nationwide patient safety risk affecting patients who have living wills, Physicians Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment orders and those who are critically ill.  His TRIAD VIII study, released by the Journal of Patient Safety, is groundbreaking and reveals patient treatment is much more effective if video testimony is incorporated into their advance care plans.  Dr. Mirarchi is also a practicing Emergency Medicine Physician and Medical Director of the Department of Emergency Medicine at UPMC-Hamot in Erie PA.”

At Elville and Associates, it has and always will be the firm’s mission to offer the very best legal-technical knowledge and service to our clients and communities we serve.  We trust this added benefit will prove valuable to our clients and advisor community with whom we partner as a benefit to their clients.

To learn more about MIDEO® and the Institute on Healthcare Directives or to set an appointment, please visit MIDEOcard.com and institutehcd.com.  For more information about Elville and Associates, please visit elvilleassociates.com.

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