COVID 19 and Mental Health” with Ms. Ellen Platt of The Option Group

As you know COVID-19 has affected us all in many ways, and one significant way it has had impact is on our mental health.

This workshop gives you the latest statistics on mental health and how is has changed with this pandemic, as well as some things to consider, strategies to help and resources for your toolbox.

Presenting is Ms. Ellen S. Platt, MEd, CRC, CCM, Founder and President of The Option Group, which provides unique services to older adults and their children or caregivers to navigate longevity. She is both a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and a certified Professional Geriatric/LifeCare Manager.

Ellen’s experience spans almost 30 years providing care management and case coordination services to those with catastrophic injury, chronic diseases and disabilities. Out of that experience, she created The Option Group to address similar needs and services specifically for seniors and their caregivers. Her primary practice is now focused on caregivers and aging families, and the large variety of issues and needs, unique to that population.

Ellen and her team conduct comprehensive evaluations, make recommendations, implement a plan of care and coordinate resources to support it. Ongoing monitoring can also be set up so the most appropriate plan of care can be implemented at all times, and changes can be made, should the condition of the senior change.

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