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The Movement to Improve End-of-Life Health Care Planning

November 7, 2018

A nationwide movement has been underway since the late 1990s to improve end-of-life health care planning by individuals.  While Advance Directives including Living Wills and Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders (DNRs) have been widely used to address future decisions regarding life support, pain relief and the administration of nutrition and fluids, they do not capture a patient’s preferred …

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Do You Wish to Resign from Your Position as Trustee of a Trust?

October 1, 2015

Authored by: Verena Meiser, Senior Associate, If you’ve served as Trustee of a trust that benefits a family member or a friend, the time may come when you know you want to resign. You don’t need to have a particular reason to resign. Perhaps, the administration of the trust property is taking more time …

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Portability and Remarriage

August 22, 2015

By: Verena Meiser, J.D. 443-393-7696, When married clients express a preference for a “simple” estate plan leaving everything to the surviving spouse outright, we discuss the risks of an outright bequest to the surviving spouse as well as how they may rely on portability. Portability is the tax election made by the estate of …

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