August Is ABLE to Save Month!

August is national ABLE to Save Month! We are celebrating the Maryland ABLE program during ABLE to Save Month, which makes it possible for Marylanders with disabilities to have greater independence and financial stability. A Maryland ABLE account can change the way people with disabilities and their families participate in the community, build financial wellness, and plan for the future by empowering them to save and invest for the added expenses that come with having a disability. 

During ABLE to Save Month, learn more about how a Maryland ABLE account can help people with disabilities and their families pay for everyday needs, save and invest with a tax-advantaged account, and prepare for the future while keeping federal and state means-tested benefits such as SSI and Medicaid. During ABLE to Save Month and beyond, should you have any questions about Maryland ABLE accounts, please reach out to Maryland ABLE’s Communications Manager, Kelly Nelson, at

The attorneys and staff at Elville and Associates have been fortunate to maintain a very strong relationship with Maryland ABLE over the years through its focus on special needs planning here at the firm.  A Maryland ABLE account can be a powerful tool used as part of family’s special needs planning. 

For more detailed information pertaining to your circumstances, it is very important to partner with a law firm that specializes in the area of special needs planning and understands the nuances associated with it.  Founded in June 2010 by Stephen Elville, J.D., LL.M., Elville and Associates is an estate planning, elder law, and special needs planning practice.  It is the firm’s mission to provide practical solutions to its clients’ needs through counseling, education, and the use of superior legal-technical knowledge.  As it relates to special needs planning, the firm works collaboratively with individuals and families and their professional advisors to counsel, educate, and create a comprehensive plan for the family and their special needs loved one.  This includes, among other planning considerations:

  • establishing proper estate planning for the family, including the use of special needs trusts
  • leveraging means tested public benefits
  • selecting the proper team to provide lifetime management
  • planning for appropriate housing and an ongoing system for advocacy
  • providing financial security
  • planning for caregiving needs
  • coordinating the entire extended family’s planning
  • protect the beneficiary from predators and preserving assets for other heirs

Should you have any questions about Elville and Associates and its services, please contact Steve Elville at, or by phone at 443-393-7696 x108.  Community Relations Director Jeff Stauffer may also be reached at, or at 443-393-7696 x117.



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