Attitude – the Choice Is Yours and the Impact Is Huge!

By: Dr. Michelle Fritsch – PharmD and founder of Retirement Wellness Strategies – Guest Contributor

Is your attitude the RESULT of what is happening around you?  Is it what others do to you?  Is it the RESULT of your life circumstances?  OR – is your attitude your CHOICE?

I propose your attitude is your CHOICE!

We live in such a blame society.  People are called haters, shamers, intolerant, biased, and worse. 

So often we try to claim that others made us the way we are – sullen, angry, withdrawn, hurt, rejected.

We give others and situations the power to determine how we are going to go through each day and how we are going to approach life.

If you are a balloon bouncing in the winds of circumstances, there is hope!

How to Choose Your Attitude

What are your first thoughts in the morning?  How do you approach your day?  What music do you choose?  What do you read, think about, and how do you plan for your day? 

These aspects of your life are associated with maintaining health even in the midst of negative events:

  • friends to talk to
  • people who care about you
  • a sense of self-worth
  • forgiveness
  • security
  • conflict management skills
  • religion/spirituality

The items on this list have all been linked with improved health.

And I will add having a source of HOPE.  I believe hope is powerful in the midst of difficulty.

Gratitude and Attitude

Another way of thinking that improves your attitude and your health is gratitude.  For what are you thankful?  No matter how many bad things are around you, what is good?  You’re still here if you’re reading this!  What parts of your body work?  What are you able to do?  Who do you care about?  Where are your safe places?  Where is the beauty around you – pictures, nature, architecture, music, literature, videos, clouds, trees, or babbling water? 

Find those good things and be thankful for them.  Fill your bucket with all of the good in your life.  It makes the bad much more tolerable.

Make It About Someone Else

Doing something for or being kind to someone else can be a real attitude adjuster.  Rather than focus on yourself and your own needs, raise your head and look at the people around you.  Find something small you can do to make someone else’s day.  You will be amazed that you benefit from those actions at least as much as the person you blessed.

Health Benefits of a Good Attitude

No one can choose your attitude except YOU!  This is such a liberating concept.  In the midst of and despite the difficulties of life, you can each day CHOOSE to have a GOOD attitude! 

When you do, your physical health (blood pressure, breathing, kidney function); your mental health (calm, clearer thinking, more creativity); your emotional health (less reactive, more even emotions); and your spiritual health (happiness, hope, joy) benefit.

Dr. Michelle Fritsch is an author, nationally renowned speaker, and founder of Retirement Wellness Strategies.  You can call her at 410-472-5078, learn more here or visit her website at  You can also call to talk about strategies to improve your attitude by scheduling a free call here

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