Achieving Perfection for Your Legacy – Intentionalism in Estate Planning, with Olivia Holcombe-Volke

Many people want to achieve excellence in their estate planning – to establish an estate plan that works as intended – one that will stand the test of time, accomplish personal goals and priorities, provide for the disposition of assets in the desired way to the persons and/or organizations of choice, controlling costs, and setting forth values, ideas, concepts, and aspirations – organized by leading-edge legal-technical concepts that are up to date at the time of death, and guided by highly instructional letters of wishes or memorandums. Yet few people understand the kind of estate planning process necessary for the realization of this ideal, and even fewer people are offered the opportunity to participate in the kind of process necessary to facilitate the same. To say that achieving true excellence in estate planning is akin to successfully sailing around the world alone is not an exaggeration. It takes all of the stuff of legend, including purpose, persistence, patience, and introspection; partnership with your estate planning attorney and an adequate process forward (facilitated by the attorney); maintenance and updating of the estate plan over time; and more. In short, true excellence in estate planning requires being extremely intentional. In this webinar, Olivia Holcombe-Volke, Senior Principal and senior estate planning attorney with Elville and Associates, P.C., will lead a discussion about Intentionalism in estate planning. Topics of discussion will include:

Why being intentional in estate planning matters; Understanding the risks in estate planning;

Why knowing what you want out of estate planning matters;

Avoiding estate plan failure;

Maintenance and updating;

The importance of Partnership


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