A New Initiative Through the Elville Center for the Creative Arts – Access to Music (ATM)

steve at elville and associatesBy:  Stephen R. Elville, J.D., LL.M. – President and Founder – Elville Center for the Creative Arts, Inc.

It’s casual virtual Friday at Elville and Associates and here’s what’s on my mind.  This morning I noticed how green and beautiful my yard is after all the April showers.  And oh, during this sad and challenging time I find myself once again absorbed in music, Johann Sebastian Bach‘s music for piano that is.  Yes, once again I am fascinated and awestruck by Bach.  How could this “ordinary” church organist have been so very extraordinary?  While I am not a music historian or expert like Jonathan Palevsky and our other friends at WBJC, to me this is one of the great mysteries that leaves me speechless, especially after listening to a master like Murray Perahia play Bach, or after sitting down at my piano to practice one of the (easier) French Suites.  What does my simple morning diatribe here mean?  Maybe this:  even while we persevere, adapt, withstand long suffering difficulties, endure tragedy, laugh, cry, and overcome during the COVID-19 disaster, let us remember that greatness, beauty, and wonder still surround us and can be explored and appreciated by us – even now.  Along these lines, the Elville Center for the Creative Arts is introducing a new program for children and adults during the COVID-19 disaster and beyond.  It’s called Access To Music (ATM) – a virtual online program where Elville Center music instructors will provide music theory and application lessons to people of all ages at no cost.  Stand by for more information in the coming days and weeks about this important new program.

The purpose of the Elville Center for the Creative Arts is to improve the quality of life of children of all ages by providing them the opportunity to learn music theory and application, experience cultural events related to the musical and creative arts, and to use music and the promotion of music-related activities to transcend social and economic divisions.

We are working with local and regional businesses and private donors to partner with schools’ music programs to provide musical instruments, rentals, music lessons and participation in music-related activities for children of all ages. We’re actively seeking monetary pledges and donations of used instruments of any kind, which will be refurbished (Donations may be tax-deductible. Please consult with your tax advisor).

For more information or to get involved, please contact President and Founder Stephen Elville at steve@elvilleassociates.com or Executive Director Jeffrey Stauffer at jeff@elvilleassociates.com, or call us at 443-393-7696.  Please also visit www.elvillecenter.org to learn more about the Elville Center and how you can donate and support our initiatives!

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